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We provide expressive, custom, and a stress-free cloth diapering experience!

Growing up, money was always tight and frugal wins were always celibrated. My mother cloth diapered me, and my grandmother her (although cloth diapers where very different back then!) and I was wasn’t about to break that trend. 

In 2015, I was blessed with my daughter Emma. Although I was excited to start cloth diapering, that excitment started to wear me down as I couldn’t find a cloth diaper that wouldn’t leak or otherwise fit right. I was determined to make this work. I broke out my mother’s old sewing machine and went to work – to make a diaper that fits and is made well. After about a year of trying I finally got it and FabuFluff was born!

Today, we solve the same issues I had when I first started cloth diapering. Our cloth diaper pattern is tried and tested by thousands of mom’s. Sourcing only the best materials for our diapers and inserts that are CPSIA approved; our cloth diapers prove that USA Made is still best!

After many, many revisions, I started to sew CD for other moms.
FabuFluff was born! I started selling on Etsy, then created a FaceBook group and website.
Contining to grow, my house is now stuffed with fabric and sewing machines.
Moved everything and opened a shop in Waterloo IL where I continue to sew cloth diapers.
Moved everything and opened a shop in Waterloo IL where I continue to sew every cloth diaper and insert!
Lizzie Morietta
WAHM, Founder

Lizzie (right) giving a tour of our shop to Dee and Charles Jr. (left) – 2021

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