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A brief history:


We had just moved to California for a new job. With a baby on the way we were counting every penny. My friend recommended to try using cloth diapers as it saved her quite a bit of money.

Once I bought my first cloth diaper, I was hooked! The environmental impact that disposable diapers have combined with the cost savings is a no brainier! (Plus there are sooo many cute cloth diaper prints!)

We couldn’t afford to buy many. But I did have a sewing machine! So I took a chance and tried my hand at sewing a few. I gave kept some for myself and gave the others away to family and friends that where considering cloth diapers for their children.

This picture to the right is one of the first diapers I ever made!


I continued to perfect the diapers I love to sew. Sewing everything on my kitchen table! I started to have friends of friends start to reach out to me to make them cloth diapers and opened up an Etsy shop and website!

– 2018

We moved back to Illinois (just south of St. Louis) to start making diapers full time! We partnered with a local textile printer and started making completely custom designs. At this point, our entire living room and spare bedroom was dedicated to just making diapers!

-2020 / Today

My husband and I lease a small shop so we could finally have our home back and have the space to stock more fabric and start sewing different products!

I still sew every diaper by hand while my husband takes care of all of the prepping and snapping.

-Future Plans/Products

We are working to release new products (Blankets, Clothing items, and more) soon!

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