Cloth Diaper Care and Clean Instructions

If you take care of the small things,
the big things take care of themselves.
You can gain more control over your life by
paying closer attention to the little things.”
~ Emily Dickinson, 1830 – 1886

If you take care of your diapers, they will last a long time, even through multiple kids (If you have multiple kids that is. ?).

Here is our step-by-step recommendations:

  1. Remove child from diaper (not optional)
  2. Dispose of any waste into toilet (if any)
  3. Remove insert, load insert and diaper into washer
    1. TIP: Store used diapers in a wetbag or in hamper with airflow to combine washes and bulk load. If only washing a few diapers, throw some towels in. This helps with agitation..
  4. Wash once, peel from drum, wash again.
  5. Tumble dry.
  6. Place insert back in diaper and use when ready.